“You want Jes Baker in your corner! It is as simple as that. Working with Jes has made me feel so much better and understand so much more about myself. She is gentle and validating, practical and insightful, and also my fiercest champion. I am a better version of myself because of Jes.”

Jen G.

Working with Jes has been the best gift I have ever given to myself. Jes is the perfect combination of irreverent, brilliant, joyful and compassionate. During sessions with Jes you feel like you are the center of her universe, because during that time, you are. Such is the love and focus she brings to her work in coaching and caring for her clients. There is zero BS with this incredible person.

I have allowed myself to be vulnerable with Jes in ways that I didn’t even know were possible, and have felt safe, cared-for and (most importantly) NEVER judged. From this place of vulnerability, Jes has and continues to coach me into overcoming past trauma, losing shame, and stepping into my personal power. 

Gabrielle M.

  • Working with Jes is like having a trail guide navigating the very treacherous journey out of diet culture and the trauma that has been caused by it.

    Jes creates space that is permissive and open and most of all, she comes from a place of understanding, because she's been there herself. Working one-on-one with Jes in this space has been transformative and is the best decision I've made in self-care. I finally feel that there is the possibility and hope ahead of me.

    Natala C.
  • As a practicing social worker for 11 years, I understand the meaning of "meet someone where they are." I was trained and paid to do it. However, just because I could do it for others does not mean I could or CAN do it for myself. I come with baggage so heavy I still sometimes cannot lift it, and this is where Jes comes in.

    Jes is nothing short of a lifeline when you feel like your ship is sinking and your flotation device has a hole in it.

    Adiba N.
  • I was a chubby boy that grew into a fat man and until now I've never had anyone that would listen to or could understand my experiences and how much they have hurt me. I’ve been able to share things with Jes that I’ve been wanting to talk about for years and she has helped me learn how to process my past as well as how to advocate for myself now and in the future.

    My life has completely changed over the last six months because of Jes and there is no way to express how grateful I am.

    Dale V.
  • Jes provided the kind of specialized support I wouldn't know where else to find. As someone who already sees a therapist on a regular basis, I loved that Jes's approach was different; both motivating and actionable.

    Jes creates an inviting and safe space where I felt comfortable to be myself and share my fears and struggles. She is compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, and kind and I would highly recommend her to anyone who facing a challenge, looking for a fresh perspective, or just needs to get something of their chest.

    JB. B
  • I don't say this often but Jes is profound. Witnessing her speak and create a safe space for people is her undeniable gift. Jes has this incredible ability to meet any person exactly where they are at and to see them as most beautiful and perfect even when they deeply don't feel it. She cares tremendously about being there for people and giving the appropriate support that they need. I eagerly await the day when we can clone this human because she makes the world a better place in the ways she's helping others.

    Kenzie B. Mental Health Ambassador
  • Jes Baker will have you feeling seen, heard, and held.

    Ijeoma O. New York Times bestselling author and activist
  • I feel like I have been neglected from an early age and taught to be shameful of my body and blame myself for being mistreated and hated. To know someone so bright and intelligent can see some positive truth and open my eyes to the fact that l’m not a wimp, that these feelings or barricades are real, and that they’re not my fault. I’m in awe; at this point, I feel everything was perfect. It’s sad I never met anyone who had or approached me with the understanding of what crap I have been through and didn’t blame me.

    Anonymous feedback


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