Jes makes the work of serious self-care and self-advocacy achievable.

The My Self-Care + Wellness Plan workshop is a transformational program offered as an online group experience in a revolutionary way. 

Life feels bumpy as hell, right now and we all need a realistic and accessible way to support ourselves so we can find balance, adjust, and reintegrate into our ever-changing world. (Speaking from experience here *wink wink*)

I created something special to help us do just that.

It’s a six-week program, centered around a personalized workbook, experienced through a supportive and online group workshop setting.

The My Self-Care + Wellness Plan is the compilation of the most helpful and effective tools that I’ve learned and used while working in behavioral health and recovery support spaces over the years.

Based on neurobiology research, behavioral health best practices, and other effective healing strategies, My Self Care + Wellness Plan is something I personally use on a daily basis and something I coach nearly all of my clients through.

The consensus? It’s a game-changer.

Created for you. Completed BY you.

This six week, nine-hour, interactive, and virtual group workshop is centered around the My Self-Care + Wellness Plan: a comprehensive 30+ page workbook simply waiting for you to contribute your own personal wisdom.

By the end of the workshop, your workbook will have become a comprehensive handbook + guide that can be utilized in your life immediately as well as expanded upon and updated over time.

The My Self-Care + Wellness Plan workshop is constructed for both surviving and thriving – Designed to meet you where you’re at today.

Jes makes the work of serious self-care and self-advocacy achievable. The workshop’s system is genius.”

This is not another self-care = "just take more bubble baths!" activity.

While I’m certainly a bath bomb enthusiast, I also know this there is so much more needed to take care of ourselves. You will walk away from this workshop with an individualized action plan is both powerful and practical.

Together, we will use all of the tools I’ve collected over the years to identify ways you can operate as your best and most balanced self no matter what life throws your way. During this workshop, we’ll work together to create a plan for when life feels good and also for when things start to spiral.

As a state of Arizona Recovery Support Specialist with a long history working as a Psychosocial Behavioral Specialist, Educator, and Group Facilitator nothing makes me happier than creating and offering tools that help us maintain an independent sense of equilibrium. I’m here to facilitate a structured, confidential, judgement-free, compassionate and safe space for your discovery process. 

I’ve had many opportunities to facilitate the My Self-Care + Wellness Plan in person with both individuals and groups along with individual online sessions. I’m excited to now be able to offer this program virtually in a group setting for the first time!

Let’s get you on the fast-track to a sense of safety and independent stability! 

Ready to get started?

Upcoming Workshops:

Enrollment for the next group workshop reopens in 2021.

Join the waitlist to be notified first the moment the next workshop is available.

How it works:

  • Each workshop program will meet for six consecutive weeks on the dates and times mentioned above
  • Each workshop session will last 90 minutes each
  • The workshop group size will be small and has a limited amount of spots available  (apply to join us here!)
  • You will receive the My Self-Care + Wellness Plan worksheets and resources in PDF format via email each week along with instructions for the upcoming session
  • We will meet virtually (via Zoom) in a group setting and work through the manual together as a full group 
  • The amount of group participation during the workshop is totally up to you.
  • An application process is required before being accepted to the program. Feel free to apply here!
  • Any other questions? Send them my way!


“The My Self-Care + Wellness Plan has been an amazing tool for introspection. It’s allowed me to really nurture my best self and help me to create a plan for a time when I have needed it the most.  I feel really grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Jes and her guidance as I’ve worked on this really important part of my self-care.” – Shannon

“Working through the My Self-Care + Wellness Plan with Jes has been a game-changer for me.  It has allowed me to identify and honour my needs in a compassionate and generous way.  I want to tell everyone about the power of this program so that they too can experience the gentle freedom it has afforded me.” – Sarah R.

My Self-Care + Wellness Plan has been an amazingly helpful tool I pull out when I’m not feeling right or when I’m in crisis, or any moment that my brain needs a nudge. This program helped me create something that feels like a ‘self-driving car’ for the times when I’m not able to process the ‘road’ I am on.” – Summers T.

“My Self + Care Wellness Plan is practical, realistic, and helped me alleviate my constant overwhelm. It allowed me to understand myself better and helped me create a forward-moving plan that I could instantly apply to my daily life.” – Kaitlin P.

“The undertaking My Self-Care + Wellness Plan was an incredible experience. Jes created a safe atmosphere for where I could be vulnerable while I was in a shit place in my life. It can feel scary to dig into your core needs and Jes didn’t rush me out of that feeling. Instead, she supported me in a way that validated my feelings, took away the fear, and gently helped me discover small stepping stones so I could find stability.” – Bridget S.

Going through and working on the My Self-Care + Wellness Plan (MSCWP) with Jes not only changed my life, it taught me how to become an advocate for myself. This tool gave me the hope I needed that the way I was doing things could change. With Jes’s caring guidance I changed for the better! This plan helped me transition from scared, afraid, and unsure to confident and strong.

MSCWP is for anyone going through a life situation! This structured plan, with real tools, gave me the confidence to move through things I once thought were impossible! Jes has been a source of strength through the process, completely nonjudgmental! She approaches working together with empathy, kindness, and openness. I have been in many kinds of treatments and MSCWP has been the one thing that has propelled me forward. I now have a sense of inner peace that I did not know was possible.” – Natala C.


The full My Self-Care + Wellness Plan (MSCWP) workshop includes:

  • SIX kick-ass, 90-minute facilitated and supportive group workshop sessions (totaling 9 hours)
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources for each session
  • A chance to form amazing community connections within the group (seriously, it’s pretty powerful)
  • The opportunity to complete a personalized workbook that will continue to support you for years to come.

I use a sliding scale pricing model and it takes all of us to make this magical system work! 

This means that you select what option is available to you and those who are able to pay more, do so! This then provides access to sessions for anyone who might otherwise be excluded.

(Because my aim is for all of my practices to be rooted in social justice movements I honor how the intersections of ethnicity, race, gender, class, religion, sexuality, age, ability, immigration status and a myriad of other factors impact costs. You can learn more about pricing models from financial coach Hadassah Damien on her blog Ride Free Fearless Money!)

Program Rates*

$360 (full program rate/$60 a session)
$150 (sliding scale option/$25 a session)

A payment plan option is available. If this is something you’d like to consider, there’s an opportunity to mention this in your application.

I also offer one-on-one coaching (the My Self-Care and Wellness Plan program sliding scale rate for individualized sessions is between $675-$1125) if you would prefer to work on this one-on-one instead of within a group setting! Feel free to contact me here if you’re interested.

*Rates subject to change for future groups.

About the Facilitator:

I’m Jes Baker!

A coffee connoisseur, neurobiology nerd, cat collector (I have three), peer support promoter, temperamental Tucsonan, alliteration addict, and *that* person who says “I’ll try anything once!” and means it.

I’m also an internationally recognized authorspeaker, and personal coach who specializes in body image and is armed with an extensive background in behavioral health.

I’ve developed (and facilitated) a Peer Support Certification program that is approved and utilized by the State of Arizona and have also been certified in multiple group facilitation programs, both nationally and internationally.

Click below and learn more about my experience and background!