"Jes Baker will have you feeling seen, heard, and held."

Ijeoma Oluo  
New York Times bestselling author and activist

I’m Jes and I am so happy that YOU are HERE.

I’m an internationally recognized author, speaker, and coach who specializes in body image and is armed with a background in behavioral health.

I’m here to support you through learning how to: 
  • Connect with your body + brain
  • Release shame
  • Recognize your inherent worth
  • Get grounded 
  • Boss up those boundaries
  • Create structure around your goals and 
  • Uncover (that all-important thing called) personal clarity.
We have the opportunity to do some amazing work together, you incredible human made out of literal stardust!

Let's do this thing. (Book a complimentary consult call with me here!)
What would happen if we were to combine our powers?

You are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. A brilliant human who has seen, done and learned incredible things while living in this world... and those anecdotes would just be the Forward in your metaphorical memoir*.

You personify resiliency simply by still being here and⁠—damn it⁠—you are READY to roll up those sleeves, set aside time just for you, and get to a place of actualizing your goals... all while learning how to feel at home within yourself.

This is the part where we have the chance to make some magic together.

I have an overflowing toolbox, bursting with behavioral health + body image knowledge and would love nothing more than to show up and hold a dedicated space for you that is free of judgment, chock full of empathy, sprinkled with humor, and totally open for you to show up just as you are.

I’m here to support you as a personal coach, advocate, real talkin' life guide, cheerleader, reframer of “Old Shit That No Longer Serves,” accountability partner, and super enthusiastic President of your I’m Becoming My Best Self! fan club.

Together, we’ll build new narratives and behaviors that reflect who you are and what you need now–awakening you to your own agency in your relationship with your brain, your body, and your life.
You are in the right place.

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*Unless you've already written one, that is. In which case... I'm not surprised, you bad-ass.

Have I mentioned that I'm happy you're here?

I’m an internationally recognized author, speaker, and coach who specializes in body image and is armed with a (surprisingly extensive) background in mental health.  
I spent the majority of my life believing that my body was inferior because of its size, chronic illnesses, and mental health disorders. This, of course, significantly impacted every area of my life.
After realizing that the shame I felt around these issues was not my fault, I began a long (and still continuing!) journey towards reclaiming my bodily autonomy, personal freedom, and life.

As someone who holds multiple behavioral health credentials, has trained in integrative coaching, is a lover of neurobiology (the brain and body connection is incredible!) and believes in truly holistic healing, my approach to coaching is multifaceted and can be tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

(Curious what the clients I've worked with think? Read their thoughts here.)
You can click below to learn more about my experience and background!


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What the Amazing Humans I Work With are Saying:

  • Working with Jes is like having a trail guide navigating the very treacherous journey out of diet culture and the trauma that has been caused by it.

    Jes creates space that is permissive and open and most of all, she comes from a place of understanding, because she's been there herself. Working one-on-one with Jes in this space has been transformative and is the best decision I've made in self-care. I finally feel that there is the possibility and hope ahead of me.

    Natala C.
  • As a practicing social worker for 11 years, I understand the meaning of "meet someone where they are." I was trained and paid to do it. However, just because I could do it for others does not mean I could or CAN do it for myself. I come with baggage so heavy I still sometimes cannot lift it, and this is where Jes comes in.

    Jes is nothing short of a lifeline when you feel like your ship is sinking and your flotation device has a hole in it.

    Adiba N.
  • I was a chubby boy that grew into a fat man and until now I've never had anyone that would listen to or could understand my experiences and how much they have hurt me. I’ve been able to share things with Jes that I’ve been wanting to talk about for years and she has helped me learn how to process my past as well as how to advocate for myself now and in the future.

    My life has completely changed over the last six months because of Jes and there is no way to express how grateful I am.

    Daniel V.
  • Jes provided the kind of specialized support I wouldn't know where else to find. As someone who already sees a therapist on a regular basis, I loved that Jes's approach was different; both motivating and actionable.

    Jes creates an inviting and safe space where I felt comfortable to be myself and share my fears and struggles. She is compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, and kind and I would highly recommend her to anyone who facing a challenge, looking for a fresh perspective, or just needs to get something of their chest.

    JB B.