Jes Baker body image coach

I’m Jes Baker: Coffee fanatic, Enneagram enthusiast, neurobiology nerd, cat collector (I have three), and that person who says “I’ll try anything once!” and means it.

I’m also an internationally recognized authorspeaker, and coach who specializes in body image and is armed with a background in behavioral health.

I spent the majority of my life believing that my body was inferior because of its size, chronic illnesses, and mental health disorders. 

After realizing that the shame I felt around these issues was not my fault, I began a long (and still continuing!) journey towards reclaiming my bodily autonomy, personal freedom, and life.

I’m here to support you through learning how to: 

  • Connect with your body + brain
  • Get grounded 
  • Boss up those boundaries
  • Release shame
  • Recognize your inherent worth
  • Create structure around your goals and 
  • Uncover (that all-important thing called) personal clarity.

Huge spoiler: You already have all the answers inside of you… I’m just here to guide you and help you find them.

Below, you’ll find information regarding my experience in both the behavioral health and body image fields.

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WRAP Wellness Recovery Action Plan Certified Recovery Support Specialist


I am a state of Arizona Recovery Support Specialist with a long history working as a Psychosocial Behavioral Specialist, Educator, and Group Facilitator; all within a BHT (Behavioral Health Technician) and Independent Contractor capacity.

I am also an internationally certified WRAP facilitator from the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, have developed a Peer Support Certification program that is approved and utilized by the state of Arizona, and have studied under the Institute for Integrative Coach Training.

Over the last decade, I’ve been trained + educated on topics and concepts including but not limited to: 

  • Shame resilience
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP) development
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

I’ve also spent the last eight years dedicated to working within the body liberation movement (to help heal our relationship with our bodies, food, and movement). Within this time span, I have:

  • Written two books (Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls and Landwhale)
  • Launched two internationally attended body image conferences
  • Delivered over 90 lectures/presentations/workshops at universities, events, and companies across the world
  • Lead trainings + workshops for professionals looking to integrate healing modalities around body image and mental health into their work
  • Appeared in multiple documentaries and television shows
  • Hosted national and international events centered around body diversity
  • Been covered by over 300 national and international media outlets and
  • Written over 500 body image and mental health-related articles

When these two worlds of experience overlap and are added to the pure magic that YOU bring, we end up with a “perfect storm” of knowledge that allows us to: unlearn the false beliefs that have been imposed, relearn how to harness personal power, and develop tools that will assist in reclaiming your life!

NOTE: While I have extensive knowledge in the topics listed above, please know that I am not a licensed therapist, counselor or health care provider. If you require assistance beyond our session, I am happy to direct you to professionals that can help you further!