Portrait of Jes Baker Body Image Mental Health Coach


I’m Jes Baker and I AM SO happy you’re here!

I’m an internationally recognized author, speaker, and blogger who specializes in body image and is armed with a background in mental health (details below!).  

I am also someone who spent the majority of my life believing that my body was inferior because of its size, chronic illnesses, and mental health disorders.

After realizing that the shame I felt around these issues was not my fault, I began a long (and still continuing) journey towards reclaiming my bodily autonomy, personal freedom, and life.

I’m here to help you learn how to:

  • release shame
  • understand trauma and
  • embrace fear

It’s through these things that we open up our lives to infinite possibilities and learn how to embody my personal, favorite motto: My life, my rules. During our sessions, we’ll figure out how to harness personal liberation through living your life by your rules

Together we’ll work through the barriers that life has thrown in front of you and use actionable tools and tons of rad healing modalities to figure out exactly how to live that best life; whatever you want that to be.

Spoiler: You already have all the answers inside of you… I’m just here to guide you and help you find them.


I am Arizona state credentialed Recovery Support Specialist with a long history working as a Psychosocial Behavioral Specialist, Educator, and Group Facilitator; all within a BHT (Behavioral Health Technician) capacity.

Over the last decade I’ve been trained + educated on tons of amazing topics and concepts including but not limited to: shame resilience, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-informed care, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), Wellness Action Recovery Plan (WRAP) development, motivational interviewing, SMART (Self-Management and Recovery Training) facilitation, Nonviolent Communication TrainingMental Health First Aid, substance use disorder support, suicide intervention, group Circle Facilitation and many, many more!

I’ve also spent the last seven years dedicated to working within the body liberation movement (to help heal our relationship with our bodies, food and movement) in a monumental way.

Within this time span, I have personally launched two internationally attended body image conferences, delivered nearly 100 lectures at universities and events across the world, written two books, held intimate + healing body image photo shoots for over 200 people, appeared in multiple documentaries and television shows, hosted public events centered around body diversity, was covered by over 300 national and international media outlets and have written over 500 body image and mental health related articles.

When these two worlds of experience collide, you end up with a Jes Baker who is FULL OF KNOWLEDGE that can now be passed along to assist you in unlearning false beliefs that have been imposed upon you and harness the power of reclaiming your life!

NOTE: While I have extensive knowledge in the topics listed above, please know that I am not a licensed therapist, counselor or health care provider. If you require assistance beyond our session, I am happy to direct you to professionals that can help you further!